Hi! I'm Raelynn, but you can call me Rae



I'm a Netflix addicted twenty-something (leaning towards the 30 side of twenty but I’m currently in denial) located right over the Maryland line in Hanover, PA. I live in a little old house with my fiance and our pup, Rigby. You could say we are pretty obsessed. I absolutely adore taking photos of people during some of their happiest moments, and you can often find me smiling and laughing along with you enjoying all of the love in the room. I’ve also been known to shed a tear or two because of the relationships that I love to build with my couples.

Things I love:

->My dog Rigby. And his one million nicknames.

->My friends. If you don't know me personally, you should know that I love my friends with all of my heart and I tell them often. Like... maybe too often but I just love them and I've lost too many people in my life to hesitate on expressing to people how I feel. Life is short! If you learn nothing from taking a minute to read my blurb I hope you at least tell someone you love that you care about them today!

->The Office. Specifically, Andy Bernard. AKA the Nard Dog. Most underrated character on that show. I’ve been told I’m crazy for loving him as the manager.

->Traveling and seeing new places.

-> Harry Potter. Big fan.


So lets connect! I'd love to meet with you and hear your story! I'll be your biggest advocate and do anything to help along the way!